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Feeling rested at The Weather Cafe

Posted On: Monday, March 7, 2016

Every week there are new restaurants and bars opening up in Leeds, but this particular opening caught my eye. The name alone sparked my attention; The Weather Cafe, and after further research it appeared that there was more to this cafe than meets the eye…














The Weather Cafe is not just a cafe, it’s also a public art installation created by artist David Shearing, featuring the voices of over 100 people living and connecting with Leeds. When you enter you become part of the installation too. As the name suggests the theme is weather and how it affects us (and for us British folk, this is our favourite subject), as David’s website explains:

“Inspired by the weather conditions of the moment, the sound responds to the shifting winds, the rising and falling humidity and the visibility of the sky – the space becomes its own digital microclimate.”

Upon on entering it’s a feast for all the senses; touch, taste, smell and sound. There’s a thick carpet of grass which meets you at the door and runs throughout the cafe, offering you the sense and smell of rainy summer days that this wonderful island is known for. Watch out for the rain too, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of jars to collect the falling drops! There’s also a display of what appears to be scientific experiments depicting air/pollution levels and temperature gauges. Against another wall old televisions play scenes of clouds and birds flying in the sky, which all fit with the weather playing out inside the cafe.






















Take a seat at one of the wooden tables and you will be offered three things; a menu, a set of headphones and a booklet. Choose your tea wisely and depending on your mood maybe try Noon Grey, Lingering Fog or Fresh Breeze? I opted for Yorkshire Clouds; a strong, bold tea, a perfect pick me up after a morning rushing around the city. Whilst enjoying your tea pop on your headphones and take time to listen to the stories told by the local people of Leeds, recorded over the past three months, covering subjects such as the weather, money, illness, personalities and even death. I noted that these stories made me feel human again, that everyone goes through tough times and whatever you may be feeling at that particular moment, there is someone else going through it too.

The space is small and intimate and perfectly submerges you within the elements. It’s great fun too to experience the weather indoors. The lights brighten then dim to reflect the sun. There’s sporadic burst of fog, and those fans in the corner? … it can get a bit breezy! All this happens whilst a melodic soundtrack plays in the background, perfectly suiting the mood of the weather at that moment. Listen, feel and immerse yourself.























At the end of your experience you’re invited to write down how you feel, mapping it out on a graph, and I can guarantee you’ll notice that you feel a lot calmer and rested than you did when entering the cafe. I urge anyone to visit The Weather Cafe and be part of the experience that David has created, you won’t regret it.

The Weather Cafe is on The Headroom, opposite the Art Gallery, 1st – 20th March 2016

24 Hours in Leeds with Daniel Footwear

Posted On: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In collaboration with Daniel Footwear. No money was exchanged for this post.


Something a little bit different for today’s post. The lovely guy’s at Daniel Footwear have put together a great guide for spending 24 hours in Leeds, which includes ideas where to eat, drink and of course shop. Over the past few years there has been lots of wonderful and unique places opening in Leeds, some of which are on this list.I’ve visited a few and can wholly recommend them, and others I’ve still yet to visit; they’re on my to do list.

So, if you’re looking at spending 24 hours in Leeds or just want a recommendation for a night out with friends, then this guide if for you…

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My Favourite Green Illustrations

Posted On: Monday, January 18, 2016


I have a serious case of the Monday Greens today, not the blues, as I share with you some of my favourite green illustrations that I’ve been collecting over the past few weeks on Pinterest.

There is a beautiful eclectic mix of illustrative styles here, and as a collective I think they all sit well and compliment one another. The light green hues used in these illustrations are very delicate and offer a sense of serene for this Monday morning, in light of a busy week ahead.

1. La Librairie de la Pomme Verte by Vincent Mahe  2. Girl by Dung Ho  3. Budgie by Dimdi  4. Sink Dipping Illustrator Unknown  5. Wall & Deco by Alessandro Gottardo  6. & 7. Synchro Swim Patten by Simone Massoni  8. Dove by Rob Hodgson  9. Just Swim by Monica Ramos

I urge you to check out further works from these talented illustrators, there are some wonderfull illustrations on offer that will surely raise a smile today.

Roaring into 2016

Posted On: Friday, January 8, 2016


Well that went quick. We’re only a week into 2016 and I’m roaring, sorry raring to go! Not only do I love this photo, (colours, styling and wallpaper!) but it perfectly shows how I’m feeling right now; I’m back having lots of fun blogging and my spirit is fearsome haha! There’s no stopping me and let’s hope it continues for the rest of the year.

Happy weekend x

November Details

Posted On: Monday, November 2, 2015

November Details

Hello November, I can’t quite believe you’re here already. I woke up this morning thinking ‘how has it got to November so soon?’ But then I started to think about all the things I love about this month…

The misty dark nights that make you feel cosy.
Bonfire night and the smell of fireworks in the air.
Big scarves and wooly hats.
Bright blue skies that fool you into thinking it’s warmer than it actually is.
We’re slowly moving into the depths of Winter.
The colours, oh the beautiful, crisp colours that nature offers.

And finally… the anticipation of Christmas, without wishing the month away. November, I’m pleased to see you.

What’s your favourite month?

Ikiiki Skulls

Posted On: Monday, October 5, 2015


These mesmerising skull designs are by Ali Gulec of Ikiiki Design Studio and they instantly caught my eye when I found them. I particularly like the skulls that seem to either melt into or push through the backgrounds, like the designs above, depending on how you first interpret them, making them appear three dimensional.

I have a soft spot for skulls and with Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to share them with you. I love how Ali has used various subjects to build up the designs, giving each skull it’s own character and personality.






More of Ali’s work can be found on his website here. All images are copyright and courtesy of Ali Gulec.

My Love of Packaging

Posted On: Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Whilst my borrowed Mac is being set up I’m still without Photoshop for my blog images, limiting me to what I can post, but I’m not going to let that get in the way! So today I’m bringing you some really great packaging designs. As you know I love packing, I’ve written lots of posts about this subject, and I found these wonderful designs across the internet which I couldn’t resist as they’re too good to miss…

Milk Packaging Andrey Plotnikov 


Condiment Packaging

Robot Food






Nora Kaszanyi






Absolut Vodka   YiRan Carroll

More of my favourite packaging designs can be found on my I Love Design Pinterest page