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New York Series – NYC Panoramas

Posted On: Monday, March 31, 2014

NYC Series Logo

I came across this lovely photography series while reading the New York Times website. Every week a different photographer offers a new perspective of life in New York and the surrounding suburbs, the results are brilliant – here are a some of the amazing photo’s capturing everyday life in this great city.

Roosevelt pano

train pano

Cafe pano

Taxi pano

elmhurst pano

liberty pano

city pano

If you’re like me and want to see more of these photo’s, they can be found on the New York Times website here, and they’re updated every week.

Behind You

Posted On: Friday, March 28, 2014

dinosaur bathroom

It’s that time again – yes you’ve guessed it, Friday! For me the week has gone very quickly, I hope it has for you guys too. This week I thought I would share a fun picture I’ve thought about posting for a while now. I still love this dinosaur trend we’re going through at the moment, and the funnier the picture of a dinosaur, the better. I cannot repeat my reaction if I found a dinosaur hiding in my bath, let’s just say it would involve a lot of screaming!

Happy weekend x

New York Series – I Love NYC

Posted On: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NYC Series Logo

I have had this post in mind for a few weeks now and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as I’m very excited about it.

I have a love affair with New York and I’m not afraid to say it. I want to show you what this incredible city has to offer and within this series I’m going to show you the usual, the unusual, and the downright, unashamedly quirky. I will include photo’s from those who call New York home, show you places you must visit if you go to New York, mouthwatering eateries and not forgetting work from local artists and designers.

To start off the series I have picked out some of my favourite places within this great city. My photos were taken on my last visit to New York, back in 2008, and they capture my view of the city. You might think these are the usual tourist spots to photograph, and you’d be right, but they all mean something to me. Like the wonderful Lady Liberty and what she symbolises; a gift from the French, she stands tall at the gateway to New York, Manhattan, and to America itself.

Lady Liberty

Brooklyn bridge, connecting many a New Yorker and tourist to the land of opportunity. Without turning around (its hard to resist – trust me), walk to the centre of the bridge, once there turn around to take in New York in all its glory.

Brooklyn Bridge

Not forgetting Times Square, the central hub of the city, where the bright lights of the billboards are just one of the main attractions here. This is where the city never sleeps.

Times Square

I can’t wait to share more of New York in the coming weeks, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Danni xo


All About Stationery & More

Posted On: Monday, March 24, 2014

paperchase montage

I know I’ve been uploading a lot of product posts lately, but there is so many wonderful products out there that I just want to share them with you, so I hope you can forgive me.

Many of my friends will tell you that I love cards, gift wrap and stationery, and I like taking a stroll into Paperchase, a lovely innovative, design-led stationers, that always stock cards and gifts that I can’t resist. On my latest visit here I found lots of beautiful things that I wanted to share with you, so I’ve put a small montage together of some of the cards and stationery that caught my eye.

1.  In With the New Cat’s Whiskers birthday card  2. Primavera roll wrap  3. Zanzibar A5 journal  4. Taking Tea plate  5. Aztec Birthday Cake card  6. Aztec Pink Bird card  7. Zanzibar Zebra scrapbook  8. Zanzibar roll wrap

Suffering with Creative Block

Posted On: Sunday, March 23, 2014

Creative Block

Over the past few days I’ve been struggling with creative block, sat at my computer ready to write some exciting blog posts, and I find my fingers just hover over they keyboard.

So today I decided not to be so hard on myself and I didn’t punish myself for having nothing to post. I came to realise that it didn’t matter if I only uploaded two posts this week, or I repeated one of my category posts so close to the last one. The main thing to think about was to put together a post that was worth reading instead of a post that was just mediocre.

 By this afternoon the ideas came flooding back and I can’t wait them with you, including an exciting series of posts about somewhere close to my heart.

Keep blogging, Danni x


Posted On: Friday, March 21, 2014


Happy Friday everyone! This weeks’ Fun Friday post reminds me of when my sisters and I used to tease each other, and even though I’m the oldest, it was usually me that ended up being chased, and my sisters running behind me with devilment on their faces, just like that cheeky tennis ball! You can find more illustrations from ilovedoodle on their website they are sure to make you smile.

Happy weekend x

Kitchen Essentials

Posted On: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

kitchen montage

While window shopping on the web today (probably one of my favourite things to do at the moment!) I came across one of my favourite hidden gems, which I often forget about – DotComGiftShop. They sell a wonderful range of home, celebration and giftware with a vintage and quirky look, and there is always something I’d like to buy.

Here are a few of my favourite finds, perfect for the kitchen (and parties!)

1. Rambling Rose Paper Straws  2. Large Japanese Bowl Green Blossoms  3. Vintage China Primrose Side Plate  4. Matchstick Cake Candles  5. Set Of 5 Vintage Doily Glass Bowls  6. Celebration Cake Gold Candelabra With Candles