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New Egg in Town

Posted On: Monday, March 30, 2015


This Easter there’s a new egg in town. Not satisfied with just a simple chocolate egg, chocolatiers are now creating something a little different, a luxury egg with an impressive eggsterior (sorry!) These creations would have made Willy Wonka proud, and it’s no longer the surprise inside that we crave anymore, it’s all about who can design the most decadent and luxurious Easter egg.

1. Egg in an Egg from The Chocolate Society  2. Speckled Mint White Chocolate Egg from James Chocolate  3. Milk Chocolate Robot Egg from Chococo  4. The Supermilk Facet Egg from Hotel Chocolat  5. Ombre Pink Blonde Chocolate Egg from The Chocolate Society  6. Hundreds and Thousands Chocolate Egg from Fortnum & Mason  7. Rainbow Egg from Artisan du Chocolate  8. Eton Mess Easter Egg from Thorntons

Happy Paper Club has Arrived

Posted On: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sponsored Post.


Last month I announced that my friends over at The Green Gables were launching their brand new monthly stationery subscription service; Happy Paper Club and they’d asked me if I’d like to receive one of their first boxes. As I love stationery I jumped at the chance to receive a box, and last weekend my Happy Post arrived.

What a lovely surprise it was to unwrap each layer in turn, discovering something wonderful and unique inside. March’s box contained a delicately illustrated notebook and notepad, joyfully bright cards to share with friends and a cute paper doll designed by an independent designer, which would make for a great gift.


These brightly coloured, positive cards, along with the notebooks definitely brought a smile to my face, I think my favourite has to be ‘ahoy’


In contrast to the bright postcards, the notebook and notepad are beautifully illustrated with fine, delicate details that are so pretty I can’t bring myself to use them just yet! I think I’ll save them, hehe.


If you’d like to receive your own Happy Post through the letterbox instead of bills and junk mail, then you better be quick, these little boxes sold out in just over an hour when they went on sale! The next Happy Paper Club box is available on 1st April and you can sign up for it here so you don’t mis out!

You can find out more about Happy Paper Club at

Facebook: @thegreengables
Twitter: @happypaperclub #HappyPaperClub


Neon Workshops Part 3

Posted On: Monday, March 23, 2015


In my final part of my Neon Workshop series, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 here, I want to share more of their work with you. After last week’s mood board post I thought it would be nice to do the same again this week, as I think it captures the medium of neon well.


I love how neon let’s you be free with your designs, there’s nothing you can’t create. Each design has manipulated, twisted and folded to create a piece of unique art that will last for many years to come.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about Neon Workshops and would like to try your hand at creating your very own sculpture, Richard runs workshops throughout the year, from one day intensive courses, to 2 hour taster sessions, there is something for all levels – I may even see you there!

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to Richard and the rest of his team for letting me visit their studio and share their work with you, it’s been great fun, and my new found love for neon is here to stay.

Super Friday

Posted On: Friday, March 20, 2015



Happy Friday everyone! Today is no ordinary Friday, today many of us will experience a partial solar eclipse and a super moon. This doesn’t happen very often so it’s a little exciting. I’ll be spending the first part of my morning viewing the eclipse (safely of course!) Then hopefully in the evening if the weather is kind I’ll see the super moon. How and where will you view these exciting events?

Happy weekend x

This is Why I Blog

Posted On: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Over the past few weeks there have been a few little gems of quirkiness around here, whether it’s on blog features, photo’s or products, that have perfectly illustrated why I blog and share these things with you.

Sometimes I see things and love them because they’re out of the ordinary, but recently these finds have stopped me in my tracks and made my heart skip a beat, because to me, they’re that extra special, cherry on the top trying to be different without even trying, catching you off guard kind of different (if that makes sense!)

You might think why do these photos, quotes or trousers appeal so much to me, but they do, I can’t even explain it, they just stand out.


As you know, the reason for starting this blog is my ‘I Saw This & Thought’ photos. I take them using only my iPhone, as I enjoy the limitations it puts upon me. It makes me work to capture the image I’m photographing so I have to get it right in the camera, leaving me to edit effects later. By using my phone I can photograph something instantly, like recently if I find something quirky or inspirational that I want to remember or share.

Last week a friend brought to my attention a feature from Apple, showcasing incredible photos taken only with an iPhone. I realise this is to help plug their phone, but this made me gleefully jump with joy to know that they are recognising what you can do with just a camera phone, and the reasons behind why I do it. These were my favourite photo’s from the feature…

Inspiration-montage2I’ll continue to share my quirky and unusual finds with you, and if you’ve found anything recently that’s stopped you in your tracks let me know, I’d love to see it! x

Neon Poem

Posted On: Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh how I love neon light,
and to make your Monday bright
here’s my mood boards dedicated
to this wonderful sight…


Such wonderful colours you do shine,
it makes the world look mighty fine,
blue, yellow, green and red,
oh how you’ve got inside my head…


You will never ever dull my day,
no matter what any one else has to say,
so shine bright you crazy thing,
as you’re about to make the whole world sing.



Images taken from my Neon Lights Pinterest board.