Paint your Illustrations

Posted On: Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Back in June I posted about my favourite line illustrations and the beautiful simplicity of them. Well I seem to have gone from one extreme to the other, as this month I’m really enjoying illustrations that have been painted and are full of colour. I still love line illustrations, but I’m hooked on the detailing and effects that paint creates, especially watercolours as you build up the layers of colours. You can also achieve this with acrylics too, you just have to be braver as acrylics are bolder in comparison to delicate watercolours. Either way the illustrations which have been created above are mesmerising and draw you in so you want to know the story behind the image.

1. Kristine Brookshire  2. Caitlin McGauley  3. Illustrator Unknown  4. Illustrator Unknown  5. Sorority Sugar  6. Jason Brooks  7. Janelle Burger

A couple of illustrations do not have artists assigned to them, so if you know who the artists or illustrators are please let me know so I can credit them accordingly, thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Paint your Illustrations

    1. Danni Post author

      Yes I agree, they do look very organic, I hadn’t looked at them that way before! I now have a new appreciation for watercolour after putting this post together.


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