Line Illustration Favourites

Posted On: Monday, June 15, 2015


Hello all, I hope Monday is treating you well so far. I’ve been pinning a lot of lovely illustrations on my Pinterest board lately, and some of my favourites on there are these great, simple line illustrations. They perfectly capture the subject in a stylised way without the need for too much colour, and in some instances, detail. I think the next time I try my hand at a little illustration, I’m going to keep it to a simple line.

1. Illustrator unknown 2. Illustrator unknown  3. Illustrator unknown 4. Marie Bretin  5. My Little Fabric  6. Shannon  7. Illustrator unknown 8. Teresa Bellon

P.S. A lot of these illustrations are not credited, if you know who the illustrator is please let me know, so I can credit them correctly. Thank you!

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