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Folksy Finds: Feeling Festive

Posted On: Monday, December 7, 2015


It’s time to spread a little festive cheer and for me, I love finding an unusual gift or decoration that you won’t find on the high street, especially when it comes to Christmas. Buying something that’s unique and handmade, whether it’s a card, decoration or gift, makes it feel a bit more special. I’ve selected a few of my favourite festive products from the wonderful designers over on Folksy which definitely fit the bill…

1. Letterpress Gold Christmas Tree Card from Print for Love of Wood  2. Felt Christmas Tree Doll Decoration from Pea Green and Blue  3. Robin Rocco Print from Deebeale  4. Wooden Laser Cut Garland Wreath from Funky Laser  5. Wooden Mountain Garland from Nellie Bruno  6. Cosy Up This Christmas Knitted Gift Wrap Set from Bread and Jam  7. Scottish Stag Dear Christmas Stocking from Nervous Stitch  8. ‘Christmas Spirits’ Card Pack of 24 from Hip Hip Hooray

Planets as you’ve never seen them before

Posted On: Monday, September 7, 2015

These are planets as you’ve never seen them before – yes that’s ice cream, or gelato as the designer prefers to call them, and I agree, gelato has an out of this world feel to it. Tom Jueris, a multi disciplined designer now based in Sheffield has created these simple yet stunning and intriguing prints, which focus equally on the not so quite spherical gelato planets and clean, sharp typography.

Each planet seems to take on it’s own personality, with a different gelato chosen to represent said planet. And the colours… oh the colours… pastel brights, which are some of my favourite at the moment, they perfectly balance and compliment the gelato without taking away the focus. These are just a few of the prints from Tom’s Gelato System project and more can be seen on his Bechance page here

Planets & Gelato systems

Planets Gelato Systems

Planets Gelato Systems

Planet Gelato Systems

Planets Gelato Systems

Images are courtesy and copyright to Tom Jueris


This is Why I Blog

Posted On: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Over the past few weeks there have been a few little gems of quirkiness around here, whether it’s on blog features, photo’s or products, that have perfectly illustrated why I blog and share these things with you.

Sometimes I see things and love them because they’re out of the ordinary, but recently these finds have stopped me in my tracks and made my heart skip a beat, because to me, they’re that extra special, cherry on the top trying to be different without even trying, catching you off guard kind of different (if that makes sense!)

You might think why do these photos, quotes or trousers appeal so much to me, but they do, I can’t even explain it, they just stand out.


As you know, the reason for starting this blog is my ‘I Saw This & Thought’ photos. I take them using only my iPhone, as I enjoy the limitations it puts upon me. It makes me work to capture the image I’m photographing so I have to get it right in the camera, leaving me to edit effects later. By using my phone I can photograph something instantly, like recently if I find something quirky or inspirational that I want to remember or share.

Last week a friend brought to my attention a feature from Apple, showcasing incredible photos taken only with an iPhone. I realise this is to help plug their phone, but this made me gleefully jump with joy to know that they are recognising what you can do with just a camera phone, and the reasons behind why I do it. These were my favourite photo’s from the feature…

Inspiration-montage2I’ll continue to share my quirky and unusual finds with you, and if you’ve found anything recently that’s stopped you in your tracks let me know, I’d love to see it! x

99s Ice Cream

Posted On: Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When I found this book I knew I had found something special. The title intrigued me, and I was hoping the inside matched what it spelled out on the cover… it was exactly that and I wasn’t disappointed. Luke Stephenson’s wonderful book 99x99s is filled with, yes you’ve guessed it, 99 photos of 99s. For those who don’t know what 99s are, they are a specific type of ice cream delight, where the ice cream is silky soft, served on top of a crisp wafer cone and topped with a chocolate flake (and sometimes juice and bits!).

For most people the 99s bring back fond memories of childhood, trips to the seaside and for me, wondering why the 99s didn’t cost 99p, because that’s why they were called that right?!

During the summer of 2013 British photographer Luke Stephenson embarked on a road trip around the UK, photographing this great British food icon, and documenting how each seaside town or city translated this ice cold treat. The result are brilliant, with each 99 different to the next, the soft ice-cream is peaked and swirled in it’s traditional way, and the flake is precariously balanced at an angle we all recognise.

For me this perfectly illustrates what a unique country we have and it’s these little details that makes this country ours.


Happy Paper Club

Posted On: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sponsored Post


I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked by a fellow blogging friend to take part in an exciting new service that she’s started. Have you ever wished that you could just receive some Happy Post through the letterbox instead of bills and junk mail? Well now you can…


The Green Gables have just launched their new monthly stationery subscription service; Happy Paper Club If you love stationery as much as I do, then this is for you! Each month you will receive your box filled of goodies, including paper goods, inspirational and happy quotes, stationery and items exclusive to Happy Paper Club. Each month there will be different items in the box, so no two boxes will be the same!

There are three ways to purchase or become a member of the Happy Paper Club; a one off taster box, six months subscription or a monthly rolling subscription.

I’ll be receiving my box very soon, and next month I’ll be sharing with you the exciting products that are inside. I don’t know what they are yet, but I can’t wait to find out, and as a receiver of Happy Post in the past, I know it’s going to be good…


You can find out more about Happy Paper Club at www.thegreengables.co.uk/happypaperclub

Facebook: @thegreengables
Twitter: @happypaperclub #HappyPaperClub

Decorate with Skulls this Halloween

Posted On: Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Skull montage

Halloween is on it’s way so it’s time to start decorating! Instead of pumpkins, witches and gouls, how about decorating with skulls? I’ve always liked skulls and the inspiration behind this post came from a photo I saw of a DIY Floral Skull centrepiece designed by Honestly Yum blog. I thought it was a wonderful and original idea, and I thought would be great to see what other skull products were available for Halloween, and it appears that skull products are not just for Halloween, they’re available all year round making for great, quirky home decor. Now, what would look good in my home…

1. Skull in Crown Jubilee Teacup & Saucer from Melody Rose  2. Skull in Crown Jubilee Teapot from Melody Rose  3. Masked Skull Plate from Rory Dobner  4. Large Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Ornament from sewZinski  5. Chromatic Skull Cushion from John Filipe  6. Skull Candle from H&M  7. Glass Skull Decorations from Paperchase

Time for a New Look

Posted On: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Look Post

You may have noticed something a little different around here…

As I’m celebrating a year of blogging I decided to give Danni Saw This a new and updated look, what do you think?

Throughout the year my style has naturally evolved, and I wanted to reflect this within my blog design. I had been thinking about a new blog style for a long time as I was always wanting to add and change things on my previous design. As a designer I’m never settled, I’m always evolving my style, tweaking and changing here and there, but I finally settled on the design you see today. It’s still green, of course (it’s my favourite colour!), and I’ve introduced the speech bubble as my new header. I decided that I wanted everything to be cleaner and not so fussy, to let the blog posts do the talking – I hope you like it.

You will also notice an exciting new button at the top… I now have a Folksy shop, where I’m selling my ‘ I Saw This & Thought’ photos. I’m slowly building up my products on here, so keep checking back for new photos to buy. If there’s an image I’ve taken over on my Instagram page that you’d like, and I haven’t put on Folksy, don’t worry, just get in touch and I can print this for you, it’s no trouble!

I finally have to say a big thank you to my other half for making it all work, without his invaluable input you would have got a static page with no whizzy button and links. But I’m learning and growing my blogging (or should that be web skills) so I can do these fancy tricks in the future!

Danni x