Sketch – Art Deco with a 50s Twist

Posted On: Monday, April 6, 2015


Last weekend I visited Sketch restaurant, somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while, after seeing their beautiful decor in a magazine article. As you can see it’s outrageously feminine with soft, pink marshmallow tones with subtle copper accents. It fuses Art Deco with a 1950s twist making this a truly unique venue.

Upon entering Sketch you feel like Alice in Wonderland falling through the rabbit hole, it’s dark and you leave all thoughts of rhyme and reason at the door. You’re met with artwork on the walls that’s as wonderfully quirky as the venue itself. On one wall there’s bright neon lettering and on the opposite wall there’s a portrait of the Queen asleep… of course.

To reach the Gallery you have to walk through an oriental inspired room, with twisted wood lights and lego sculptures for decor, as I said, you’re in Wonderland now. This is not just a restaurant but an art gallery too…

Adorning 3 walls of the Gallery itself are original sketches by British artist David Shirley which juxtapose the soft pink decor perfectly and you’ll find yourself trying to find the funniest sketch. It’s tricky, trust me! Every little detail has been thought about in this space, including the table arrangement, condiments and cutlery, which are designed by India Mahdavi and you realise you’re in your own private exhibition space.

The food is outstanding and delicious, with many cakes to try and sandwiches to sample, but for me it was all about the venue and decor. I felt privileged to be there, as I’ve never, nor will I ever, visit a place like this again. This was Wonderland and I didn’t want to leave.


Oh and whilst you’re there, make sure you visit the toilets…


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