Welcome to Danni Saw This, the blog that celebrates life’s little quirks and random moments, along with a few design pieces thrown into the mix. I like to look out for the unusual or anything that catches my eye and makes me smile.

Danni Saw This has evolved from a photography challenge I set myself five years ago, titled ‘I Saw This and Thought…’ where I challenged myself to take a photograph everyday and post the results on Facebook for friends and family to enjoy. Five years later I’m still going strong and you can see some of my photos here

I then decided to take my idea further and create a blog where I can share my photo’s with you, along with any interesting design and interior pieces. I love to find something interesting when I’m least expecting it, and you can always find me with my camera in hand, ready to shoot that unexpected fun find.

I also like to support British designers and artists whenever I can, so most of the products you’ll see on my blog are from the talented people of this great nation.

Most importantly of all, I want to have fun, and I hope you do too.

Danni x


About Me

1. I love the smell of books, new or old

2. My favourite colour is green – any shade I’m not fussy

3. I love graphic design

4. I’m attracted to the unusual and quirky

5. I like crisps….. lots of them! (Salt and vinegar if you’re asking)

6. I don’t like ice cream

7. I enjoy yoga

8. I’m always listening to music

9. I understand the offside rule in football

10. I’m addicted to Pinterest and you can follow all my boards here

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