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I saw this and thought photos for February

Posted On: Wednesday, March 23, 2016



February flew by in an instant but I still managed to capture lot’s of great things along the way. In my last I saw this and thought post I noted that Spring was slowly starting to arrive. Well in February, it arrived in abundance! Flowers were in full bloom, colourful fruit and veg were on display and the skies shone bright. This was perfect and resulted in me taking a fair few food and flower photos, purely by coincidence of course!

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I saw this and thought photos for January

Posted On: Monday, February 8, 2016


2016 started off with a big push in getting back to taking more of my I Saw This and Thought photos. I’ll admit it started slowly, my photographic eye took a little time to warm up, but as January rolled by I was back into the swing of things. And today, as I write this post, I already have a stack of images in the bag for February. But back to January… the mild then cold, then back to mild month provided a great mix of photos for what’s supposed be a cold winter month. Who would have thought we’d get such lovely dramatic sunsets or even daffodils blooming? But I’m not complaining, it helped me get back my mojo 🙂

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I saw this & thought November

Posted On: Wednesday, December 9, 2015


November flew by and with it came lots of photos with a theme of patterns and repetitions. This was of course unintentional, but it’s great when it happens and I only notice it when I put them together for these posts. I don’t normally have a favourite photo but this month I loved the bright geometric soap shot (top left). The colours are beautiful and bold and it was my most like photo on my Instagram feed in November! Great choice!

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I saw this & thought in October

Posted On: Monday, November 9, 2015


September was a bit of a non starter for my daily photo’s (hence no post!), but I didn’t let that put me off, I threw myself into October and got back on track. Luckily a few planned trips helped and I felt very inspired to take more photos and even challenge myself to take subjects I wouldn’t normally shoot – cafe’s and interior details for example. I didn’t need to worry, those photo’s became my most liked on Instagram! I think there’s a moral to this story – don’t be frightened try something new!

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Sleep Elevations by Maia Flore

Posted On: Monday, September 14, 2015

These delicate, etherial photos entitled Sleep Elevations are by French photographer Maia Flore. I think they’re haunting, yet beautiful and for me personally, perfectly portray how we sleep. Everything is suspended, our bodies relax to almost weightlessness where we need a sturdy support, floating effortlessly into the next day.

There is a lovely vintage feel/style to the photos, with the use of inanimate objects as support. I would love to see these images replicated but using males instead, how would they look and what objects would be used to offer their support?







More photos from the Sleep Elevations project can be found on Maia’s website along with other great work.

Images are copyright and courtesy of Maia Flore

I saw this & thought for August…

Posted On: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

August's Photos

August was a lovely month to get some great and un-expected photos. It wasn’t quite the hot summer we had hoped for, but none the less, it did provide a few great days which brought out photogenic butterflies and endless dramatic sunsets, and for this I’m very thankful! Again being in the right place at the right time proved successful, resulting in some very lucky shots – the butterflies and the photobombing swallow are two examples of this, I could’n’t believe my luck! These are the photos that I’m usually pleased with the most as I didn’t go out looking for them, they just seemed to happen, which I love…

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I saw this & thought photos for July…

Posted On: Monday, August 17, 2015


We’re already half way into August and I haven’t even shown you my photos from July yet! I don’t know where the time is going. July flew by so fast I did realise I hadn’t taken as many photos as usual. Why would I admit to this I hear you ask? Well I like to be honest with you guys and not pretend each month was easy to get images, because sometimes it’s not, but when I did have the chance to get out and photograph there were some wonderful things to shoot. Nature is a it’s peak during July and August with crops ready to harvest and flowers in full bloom. Late summer evening always provide great backdrops for architecture too. Maybe the little break helped me to see the world clearly again…

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