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Danni Saw This on Facebook

Posted On: Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Babysitter’s Club Books

Posted On: Sunday, January 26, 2014

Babysitter Header

Growing up I used to read a collection of books called Babysitter’s Club, and they left quite an impression with me, and I still get excited today whenever I see anything about them. I used to get drawn into each story, and I remember vividly thinking about each character and their own individual style, working out which was my favourite and which I felt I had the most in common with – style wise of course! I still think it’s a tough choice between Claudia and Stacy, I like their quirky and individual looks and hoped that someday I could have style just like them…. yes I realise they are fictional characters.

Now I hope you can forgive my excitement because I recently came across this Buzzfeed post, which listed the Babysitter’s Club members outfits (worst to best), and it immediately took me back to my 11 year old self thinking about the wonderful clothes and characters these books portrayed. Here are some of my favourites…..


I used to think that Stacy was so cool and always wore quirky clothes.


Claudia wasn’t afraid of mixing up her styles to create that individual look.


I could only dream of having Dawn’s Californian, beach blonde image.


I used to relate to Kristy’s tomboy style the most.

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New Arrivals

Posted On: Friday, January 24, 2014

Lego Family2

Today’s fun Friday post is a little more serious than normal, but in now way less fun! After a busy week I now have the time to reflect and think back to this time last Friday, when my sister and her husband welcomed the arrival of their first baby; a beautiful baby boy. Our family has now grown by one, but no matter how small it grows by, it’s always very special. My weekends will now be filled with visits to see my new nephew and now doubt lot’s of shopping trips to spoil him!

Happy weekend x

It’s the Little Things

Posted On: Friday, January 17, 2014

colour of toast

I don’t know about you guys but I start to get a little bit excited when the weekend comes around, and not just for the fact I have two days off. The reason is simple, it’s because I have time to make one of my favourite breakfasts – toast. Now this my sound like nothing to you, but for me, a girl who loves her toast, I have to have it just right, and by just right I mean burnt.  It takes time to burn it to that wonderful shade of black, smother it in butter and jam, and then enjoy the charcoal flavours with a hot mug of tea – delicious! I know this might sound weird, but hey – it’s the little things that make it!

Happy weekend & enjoy the little things that make you happy x

Love is in the Air

Posted On: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Valentine's collection

Will you be my Valentine? No don’t worry, I’m not asking for a date! I thought I would share with you some lovely (pardon the pun) Valentine’s day and heart themed gifts and cards, which will last beyond February 14th.

1. Eyes For You Valentine’s Card from Paperchase.  2. Toucan Love Gift from Lush.  3. The Coffee Towel from Howkapow.  4. Dolly Bobbin Ribbon Grey Hearts from dotcomgiftshop.  5. Cast Iron Heart Casserole Dish from Le Creuset.  6. Red Heart Buttons from dotcomgiftshop.  7.  Felt Woodland Heart Decoration from dotcomgiftshop.  8. Flamingo Heart Laser Cut Card from Cutture London.