I Love Stationery

Posted On: Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stationery montage

There’s nothing better than shopping for stationery, well for me anyway! I love it. In my opinion you can never have too many notebooks, cards or writing sets, you never know when you might need a new one! Here are a few of my most recent stationery finds that I adore…

1. Delicate Birds Notebook from Paperchase  2. ‘Hello Sweetie’ Greetings Card from Hope & Wilson  3. Ampersand Notebook from Dot & Cross  4. Rabbit Notebook from Marks and Spencer  5. Dala Horse Stationery Box from Posh Totty Designs Interiors  6. Special Delivery Illustrated Card from Jil Made This  7. Linocut Blackbirds Card from Inky-Prints Originals  8. Tinsley Towers In Love Card from Moonko  9. Bold Blue Tit Notebook from Martha and Hepsie

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