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Posted On: Monday, November 17, 2014

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As it’s a Monday, and sometimes Mondays can be hard, I thought I’d treat you to some newly designed iPhone wallpapers, this time with a mint theme. Mint seems to go down well with you all and my Pinterest followers so I hope you don’t mind!

Since I last designed these wallpapers there has been another iPhone introduced, so I have designed the wallpaper to fit the new iPhone 6 too. The iPhone 6+ designs will come a little later, I’m still working on the design so it fits better with the new features. I’ll keep you updated!

Click to download your favourite wallpaper.

Mint Diamond: iPhone 6 // iPhone 5 & 5s // iPhone 4

Gold Star & Mint Stripes: iPhone 6 // iPhone 5 & 5s // iPhone 4

My Mint Heart: iPhone 6 // iPhone 5 & 5s // iPhone 4

Dark Mint Geometrics: iPhone 6 // iPhone 5 & 5s // iPhone 4

How to install:

Open the image link on your iPhone. Press and hold on the images and choose ‘Save’. Locate your image in your photo album, click the ‘Share’ button in the bottom left had corner. Choose ‘use as wallpaper’ and that’s it.

Enjoy x

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