Feeling Hungry with Joel Penkman

Posted On: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I found these quirky food illustrations the other day, they make me hungry, I love them.

Food montage 1


These illustrations are by New Zealand designer and artist Joel Penkman. They are truly wonderful and spark so many memories of growing up for me, especially the biscuit illustrations.

Joel prepares the art boards with egg tempera and grinds her own paint mix. She likes to keep the backgrounds clean, so the subject stands out and it’s therefore easier to make a connection to it, triggering emotions and memories.

The last quote on Joel’s website is “I hope my pictures will make people smile”, they certainly do.

Food montage 2

Food montage 3

If these illustrations have got your tastebuds tingling, there are lot’s more on www.joelpenkman.com/Joel-Penkman



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