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Posted On: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Over the past few weeks there have been a few little gems of quirkiness around here, whether it’s on blog features, photo’s or products, that have perfectly illustrated why I blog and share these things with you.

Sometimes I see things and love them because they’re out of the ordinary, but recently these finds have stopped me in my tracks and made my heart skip a beat, because to me, they’re that extra special, cherry on the top trying to be different without even trying, catching you off guard kind of different (if that makes sense!)

You might think why do these photos, quotes or trousers appeal so much to me, but they do, I can’t even explain it, they just stand out.


As you know, the reason for starting this blog is my ‘I Saw This & Thought’ photos. I take them using only my iPhone, as I enjoy the limitations it puts upon me. It makes me work to capture the image I’m photographing so I have to get it right in the camera, leaving me to edit effects later. By using my phone I can photograph something instantly, like recently if I find something quirky or inspirational that I want to remember or share.

Last week a friend brought to my attention a feature from Apple, showcasing incredible photos taken only with an iPhone. I realise this is to help plug their phone, but this made me gleefully jump with joy to know that they are recognising what you can do with just a camera phone, and the reasons behind why I do it. These were my favourite photo’s from the feature…

Inspiration-montage2I’ll continue to share my quirky and unusual finds with you, and if you’ve found anything recently that’s stopped you in your tracks let me know, I’d love to see it! x

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