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Posted On: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blanka Biernat

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the lovely blogger Carpe Diem Emmie to share 10 things I love and 10 things I hate (or dislike for me), you can see her post here. I thought this was a lovely way to get to know a little more about me, and with Danni Saw This turning 2 at the end of the month I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write this post. Ok here goes, in no particular order…

10 Things I Love…

1. Photography, especially iPhoneography. I like the limits my phone has when taking photos, therefor I have to work harder to achieve the image I want. Once the image is right in the camera I’m happy.
2. Disney. Aaah I just love Disney, ok you’ve got me, I’m obsessed with Disney and Aladdin is my favourite film. I love the parks too, unfortunately I’ve only visited Disneyland Paris, but I’m getting around to the others!
3. America, yup another obsession of mine and I try to go whenever I can afford to. I like to think that New York is my adoptive home.
4. Crisps – salt and vinegar please. I’ll take crisps over chocolate any day.
5. Graphic Design. My job, my hobby, my love.
6. Music. I’ve never know a time when I haven’t been listening to music. It’s a big part of me and I’d be so lost without music.
7. Reading. Give me a good crime thriller and I’ll be gone for hours, especially if it’s set in America!
8. Pinterest is a hobby of mine, Yes I’m claiming it’s a hobby. I’ve always been an image hoarder and I was forever printing picture out to keep when I was younger. Now I can do it online!
9. Stationery. Yes I do need that new notebook to add to my collection.
10. Research. I could spend most of my days researching things, I love collecting information, especially if it’s for a holiday, event or restaurant.

10 Things I Dislike

1. Sand. I know it’s a strange one, but I don’t like the feel of it, especially when it’s wet, bleurgh!
2. Lateness. I don’t like being late for any reason, I find it frustrating.
3. Anxiety. It’s just a big pain in the arse and I wish there was a cure, but there isn’t so in the meantime running and yoga help to beat it into a corner it can’t escape from!
4. X Factor. I have too much to say on this subject, but I won’t, so I’ll narrow it down to the point of… I don’t like manufactured bands/groups that want instant fame. Work for it, the rest of us have to!
5. The thought of going to a gym. No thank you, I’m not paying to put myself through that. I like running and that’s all you’re getting from me.
6. Ice cream. What I hear you cry! I have sensitive teeth so it hurts too much to eat it and also it’s too sweet for my taste. I’ll have a packets of crisps instead.
7. TV soaps. I just find them annoying and I can’t even explain why.
8. Outer Space just scares me a little, all that unknown and undiscovered vastness – eeek!
9. Comic Sans – as something I once read said ‘Comic sans should only be used by 8 year old girls writing about unicorns’.
10. Olives. I’ve tried to like them, but I don’t. Maybe as I grow (even) older my tastes my change and I’ll grow to love them??

Illustration courtesy and copyright to Blanka Biernat and looks just like me, I even wear those glasses and my hair is occasionally in a bun!

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