Flamingos A Go Go

Posted On: Wednesday, August 5, 2015


There’s a new trend on the horizon; still within the tropical realms but we’re moving on from pineapples and tropical leaves and onto Flamingos. This magnificent bright bird, who gets it colour from eating shrimps, is fast becoming the new must have in homeware trends.

I’ve noticed that the flamingo trend has been around for at least a year now, and has steadily been growing in the background whilst the other tropical trends have been popular, but now is its time to shine and the flamingo trend is here.


1. Vintage Wallpaper from Sanderson  2. Flamingo Cushion from Caitlin Rausch  3. Vintage Dictionary Page Pink Flamingo from Whimsical Heart  4. Frank the Flamingo Greetings Card from Beast Couture  5. Flamingo Cup and Saucer from Lou Rota London  6. Flamingo Brooch from Luvbirds

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