Folksy Finds: Stationery

Posted On: Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It’s National Stationery week and to celebrate this I’ve dedicated my Folksy Finds to it. I just adore stationery and these wonderful hand made pieces fill me with joy, and they’re extra special as they are lovingly made by talented British designers.

1. Garden Birds Gift Wrap Set from Kate Broughton  2. Rupert The Beat Envelopes from Curly & Nibs  3. Turquoise Triangles Washi Tape from Ruby & Dig  4. A5 Handprinted Hare Notebook from Andrew Berwick Illustration  5. Turquoise Pencil Stud Earrings from Ruby Bijou  6. Custom Floral Return Address Rubber Stamp from Poumi Stamp Studio  7. Yellow Harris Tweed Pencil Case from LifeCovers

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