Happy Birthday Danni Saw This

Posted On: Monday, September 28, 2015


Happy Birthday to me! Danni Saw This turns 2 today! It feels like only yesterday that I was celebrating my first year of blogging and feeling amazed that I’d made it through a whole year. It’s been another busy year of blogging and again, I’ve learnt so much about the blogging world and I feel, I hope you guys do too, that my posts are stronger and I’m (slowly) getting better at networking and pushing the blog more, even if I keep apologising for it! I’ve attended a few blogging events and last Saturday I attended my first bloggers meet up, where I met up with 6 lovely Yorkshire based bloggers, who inspired me to keep pushing forward with my blog.

As you know I started this blog because of my love of quirkiness and of wanting to share it with you all and that hasn’t changed, in fact I feel even stronger about this and I’m going to continue sharing my love of the unusual, along with some great products from our great British designers thrown into the mix!

I wonder where’ll I’ll be in another year’s time, I can’t wait to see ow much I’ll have grown and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. As they say, if you envisage it, it will happen. Shoot for the stars!

Danni x

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