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Friday Feeling!

Posted On: Friday, January 30, 2015



Happy Friday all! Can you believe we’re nearly at the end of January already? How are your new year’s resolutions going? Given up yet? Still going strong? I’m still keeping up to my goals I set out at the beginning of the month, I’m feeling determined to stick to them! Let me know if you’ve stuck to yours!

Happy weekend x

On the Lookout for Candlesticks

Posted On: Monday, January 26, 2015


This weekend I’ve been on the lookout for some candlesticks to put on my fireplace, a desire that started around Christmas time, when putting up my garland and realised something was missing – candlesticks! It’s now my mission to find a beautiful set to adorn my living room, the only problem being is that I haven’t found the right pair yet, but I have found these candlesticks that could possibly be mine…

1. Copper and Black Candleholders from Miafleur  2. 3D Copper and Gold Star Candlesticks from Deservedly-So  3. Pure Brass Candleholders from Pure Brass 4. Glass Bird Candlestick from H&M  5. Flag Candleholder from Jonas Wagell  6. Bloomingville Gold Candlestick from FlittyBird  7. Ryssby Candlestick from Ikea  8. Metal Candlestick from H&M

Fried Friday

Posted On: Friday, January 23, 2015


Oomph it’s been another busy week and I’m feeling pretty fried this Friday. Apologies for the pun I couldn’t resist! I’m looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing and working on my blog. What plan have you got for the weekend? Let me know!

Happy weekend x

Stay Connected

Posted On: Wednesday, January 21, 2015



In one of my earlier posts this year I outlined some exciting goals for 2015, one of them being networking and keeping my social media pages up to date, so far so good as I have quite a few!

My pages are not only fun, but they’re an important tool to connect with fellow bloggers,designers and artists when sharing ideas, work and general randomness (as you know I can’t resist the latter!) So, I thought I would update you of where you can find me – let’s call it a virtual stocktake!

As you can see at the top of my blog, you can find me on the big four sites; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

But did you know you can also find me here too… Bloglovin’, Folksy, LinkedIn, Pippit (you can find me at Danni Saw This) and finally Google+ (which is still a work in progress).

If you’re on any of these sites then please stop by and say hi, and maybe add me too so we can stay connected!

I hope to see you there!

Illustration Picks

Posted On: Monday, January 19, 2015


Hello Monday, how are you? Today I’m sharing my favourite illustrations I’ve found over the last few months. I like the texture, colour and subject of these particular illustrations, don’t you agree? Here are the wonderful artists that created these little snippets of joy…

1. Amy Rodchester  2. Emma Block  3. Anne Laval  4. Lena Ker  5. Amy Hamilton  6. Frida Stenmark

It was hard to narrow it down to these six illustrations, so to see more of the illustrations I’m loving right now, head over to my dedicated Pinterest board and get pinning your favourites!

I saw this & thought…

Posted On: Wednesday, January 14, 2015


December provided many opportunities to photograph and capture lots of different subjects, some quite random which I love, it makes life a little more interesting that way. I don’t normally pick favourites but I’m going to break the rules and say my two favourite photos from last month were the Scottish Whisky and colourful chairs. They’re just colourful and great!

Click below to see what beautiful randomness I found last month…

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