Folksy Finds: Feeling Autumnal

Posted On: Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We’re fully into Autumn now and I’m feeling all autumnal, especially with the leaves turning golden brown, conkers falling onto dewy grass and foggy mornings making that drive to work eerie and mysterious. It’s the perfect time to share some lovely autumn finds from some wonderful and talented British designers over at Folksy. I think they would all look great in your home, or on your person this season…

1. Squirrel Animal Poster Print from Maseface  2. Fable Square Cushion from Fable & Base  3. Red Rose Tweed Purse from The Linen Cat  4. Goldfinch Fabric Bird Sculpture from The Cotton Potter  5. Winter Foxes Card from CecilyMae Handmade  6. Cedric Red Squirrel Decoration from Big Bird, Little Bird  7. Bird & Feather Screen printed Notebook from The Imagination of Ladysnail  8. Autumn Breeze Screen print from Lil Sonny Sky

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