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Folksy Finds: Summer Colours

Posted On: Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Finds2

Summer is in full swing and with temperatures reaching dizzy heights, I thought I would share some summery Folksy Finds with you, from some brilliant British designers.

1. Hello Greetings Card from Jil Made This  2. Bring Me Sunshine Screen Print from Chatty Nora  3. Frida Brooch from And Smile  4. Spring Blossom A5 Spiral Bound Notebook from Caren Barry  5. Scandi Flowers Cushion from Bread and Jam  6. Red Bird Hand Screen Printed Brooch from Boodle Boutique  7. Go Bambi Print from Violet May

Doodles and Annotations

Posted On: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On my journey across the internet I found these great annotations from The Annotated Weekender

AW Montage

Every weekend The Annotated Weekender receives the Guardian’s Weekend Magazine and… annotates it. It’s wonderfully quirky and it instantly raised a smile from me. I love to doodle, letting my imagination run wild. I’ve drawn on magazines before, doodling the usual – putting moustaches on people, adding hair onto bald heads, adding glasses, big lips and eyelashes to unwitting subjects. But these annotations take it one step further, there is a design style, with characters you become to love where you begin to wonder what they’ll get up to in the next addition.

AW Montage 2

Make sure you visit The Annotated Weekender for yourself, these annotations will leave you checking back each week to see what the characters get up to.


Enjoying Illustration

Posted On: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fave Illustrations Montage

When I tell people I’m a graphic designer and I can’t draw they’re surprised. I can doodle and copy draw, but I can’t illustrate. I wish I could, but what I do enjoy is finding beautiful illustrations from wonderful artists, like the artists I’ve previously blogged about, Margaret Berg and Joel Penkman. Here are a few of my recent favourite illustrations finds.

1 & 2. Georgina Luck  3. Mat Sewell  4. Illustrator Unknown  5. Monica Lee  6. Crepes Suzette  7. Bradwwoodard

If you follow me on Pinterest I have a board dedicated to illustration so you can see what I find inspiring.