Decorative Christmas Wreaths

Posted On: Monday, December 15, 2014

Wreath Montage

Many of us will be decorating our homes this week with wonderful Christmas decorations, and there’s nothing more traditional than a beautiful wreath. But, you don’t have to go traditional, there’s lots of contemporary wreaths available if you prefer something a little different this Christmas. Here’s just a few you could decorate your home with…

1. Edible Chilli & Herb Christmas Wreath from By Nature  2. Feltball Freckle Wreath from Little Yellow Birds  3. Christmas Star Wreath from Duck Barn Florals  4. Frost Tipped Wreath from Marks & Spencer  5. Hand Printed Christmas Wreath from Astrid Weigel  6. Wooden Bauble Christmas Wreath from Gilbert13  7. Felt Holly Wreath from Paperchase  8. Hydrangea Wreath from Green Garland

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