Shopping for a Few Favourite Things

Posted On: Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Favourite Things

Whilst researching upcoming blog posts, I’ve been collecting a few of my favourite products along the way. Just like shopping, I always find something lovely when I don’t necessarily need it right at that time, so I’ve been saving them in the hope I can use them later. No time like the present! Here are a few of my favourite, random things that I love…

1. British Birds and Little Birds Tea Towels from Cath Kinston  2. Pure Copper Kettle from Amazon  3. & 4. Edible Lace and Rose Petal Lollipops from The Little Lollipop Shop  5. Set of 3 Vintage Apple Cake Tins from  6. How to Find Old LA Map from Herb Lester  7. Bronze Glass Tealight Holder from H&M  8. Glass Tealight Holder from H&M  9. Pineapple Throw Cushion from Sibling & Co.  10. Wander Throw Pillow from Sylvia Cook Photography  11. Vintage Floral Butterfly from Bombus

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