3 Trends to Look Out for in 2014

Posted On: Monday, January 6, 2014

There are many new trends arriving in 2014, but I wanted to share with you my three favourites…


In 2012 it was cupcakes, in 2013 it was macarons, but 2014 will be the year of the meringue. Not just any meringue though; beautiful, bite sized meringue drops, that look too good to eat. These particular meringues are expertly handcrafted by The Meringue Girls; two girls brought together by their love of sweet things, creating beautiful meringue kisses that are delicately flavoured and brought to life in a rainbow of colours. The meringues are currently available in selected shops, but I’m sure their popularity is sure to grow, as they’re too good to miss!


My next favourite trend for 2014 is geometrics. I really like how the uneven shapes and lines of geometrics create a whole new shape and pattern, giving the design a new and quirky feel to it. There are so many ways to use the geometric form, and some of my favourites have to be those used on decorative homeware products like the wooden candlesticks and pot holder featured above. Geometrics are very easy to design yourself, so get creative and design a unique geometric themed painting, sculpture or cushion cover for your home.


My last, but no means least, trend to look out for in 2014 is Zebras. They are already hitting the high street in various forms, and they are becoming so popular that I would advise you to pick up a zebra themed piece before they disappear. Like the geometric trend, zebras and their beautiful, intricate patterning creates a new design on it’s own. Designs work well in black and white, but applying colour adds a new dimension to the design that catches your eye and makes you smile.

Grab yourself a new trend piece here…

1. Meringue Girls Cookbook from The Meringue Girls.  2. Dimensions of a Volcano Art Print from Judy Kaufmann.  3. Rika Geo Scarf from Paperchase.  4. Grey Geometric Cushion Cover from Thirtyfive Flowers.  5. Pot Holder from PrettyDandy.  6. Letter Press Zebra Card from Paperchase.  7. Retro Zebra from Quirky Print.  8. Zebra Cushion from Jazzberry Blue.

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