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Early Trends for 2015

Posted On: Monday, January 12, 2015

Back in September I posted about Pantone’s colour trends for 2015. Then, in December, Pantone announced their Colour of the Year for 2015; Marsala. A beautiful red hue with a wonderful burgundy tone running through it, reminding me of Moroccan markets filled with scents of spices and incense.

It was only a few weeks previous that I’d posted about my love of the colour Burgundy – I must have known!



As you can see Marsala is a bold and delicious colour that also compliments the pale, icy pastel colours that Pantone have predicted for late 2015. Fuse the two colours together and you create a daring and unique colour palette for both home and fashion.




1. Personalised Russian Dolls Print from Mleko  2. Owl Cushion from Lottie & Gil  3. Plum Harvest Poster from Posh Totty Design Interiors  4. Pink Tealight Holders from H&M  5. Geometric Blue Triangles Note Card from Sarah Phelps Creative  6. Glass Vase from H&M

iPhone Wallpaper Free Downloads

Posted On: Wednesday, January 7, 2015



2015 is here and to start the year off with a colourful bang I’ve designed some beautifully bright, new iPhone wallpapers for you to download. The wallpapers have been very popular over on my Pinterest page recently, so I thought I would add some new designs into the collection.

The diamond designs are proving very popular so I’ve added two new colour variations to the collection, along with two abstract wallpapers. I can’t decide which is my favourite… which is yours?

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Goals for 2015

Posted On: Monday, January 5, 2015


Ok, when it comes to making new years resolutions I don’t make any. It’s not because I don’t think I can keep them, it’s because I’m a believer in a little bit of everything can’t hurt you.

I am however going to set myself some goals for this little blog here. (That’s different to resolutions, right?) I have lot’s that I’d like to achieve with my blog in 2015 and I hope you will follow me along the way. You’ll see changes big and small, new features and collaborations and if there’s anything you’d like me to feature, just get in touch!

In no particular order here’s a few things I’d like to do on Danni Saw This in 2015:

• Artist/Designer/Photographer of the month

• Offer more free downloads

• Collaborate with great bloggers

• Improve my SEO

• Have more confidence in selling my photo’s (and don’t feel bad about it!)

• Regular updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin

• Network! Network! Network…

• …Create a network of northern bloggers, so we can share/meet up/feature our wonderful artists and designers that we have here in the north of England.

I also have some big aspirations that will take me a little longer than a year to achieve, but hey, a girl can dream! Like designing a book and creating a little bit of joy with my ‘I Saw This & Thought’ photos (I have something in mind which I will hopefully be able to share with you).

Did you make any resolutions this year? Do you have anything you’d like to achieve in 2015? Let me know!

Happy New Year, Danni x