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I saw this and thought photos for February

Posted On: Wednesday, March 23, 2016



February flew by in an instant but I still managed to capture lot’s of great things along the way. In my last I saw this and thought post I noted that Spring was slowly starting to arrive. Well in February, it arrived in abundance! Flowers were in full bloom, colourful fruit and veg were on display and the skies shone bright. This was perfect and resulted in me taking a fair few food and flower photos, purely by coincidence of course!

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I saw this & thought

Posted On: Monday, May 18, 2015


Well I said last month that Spring had arrived but I think I underestimated it! April was beautiful and warm, which meant those flowers that were blooming in March were even more spectacular in April. There were pretty cherry blossom trees, which snowed delicate pink petals at the slightest of breezes and fields full of dazzling rape seed blooms contrasting against bright blue skies. Oh I did manage to capture some great signs and architecture in between…

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Folksy Finds: Spring

Posted On: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Finds

Spring has sprung and the bright colours of the season are starting to appear. Grab a hot cross bun and enjoy the Spring themed Folksy Finds from some brilliant British designers.

1. Handmade Fox & Squirrel Cushion from CecilyMae Handmade  2. Summer Sunny Yellow Bird Screen Print from Sianuska  3. Happy Badge Collection from Tea & Ceremony  4. Aunt Lilli’s Oven Glove from Mrs Eliot Books  5. Yellow Leather Journal from Bound  6. Spring Chicken Card from A Farmer’s Daughter  7. Scandi Flower Mugs from Bread and Jam  8. Bugs Life Tea Set from Yvonne Ellen.