Pattern Clashing

Posted On: Monday, September 1, 2014

Clashing Patterns

There was a time when the clashing of patterns or colours was a big no no, it wasn’t trendy, it looked silly… but fast forward a few years, it’s now acceptable to clash those patterns and colours, and this is something I’m very happy about. When things clash they look unique, creating their own design within a design.

When it comes to interiors I don’t like things to match either; my mugs, glasses, side plates and cushions don’t match, but yet they’re still a collection to me. They key is don’t be afraid to mix things up, it doesn’t have to be a bold move, just little bit here and there. Try clashing your cushion covers to begin with, you’ll be surprised at how good they’ll look as a collection. If you’re brave enough, clash your furniture with your wallpaper for a striking look!

clashing cushions

Remember clashing patterns and colours is acceptable and also lots of fun!


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