Time for a New Look

Posted On: Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Look Post

You may have noticed something a little different around here…

As I’m celebrating a year of blogging I decided to give Danni Saw This a new and updated look, what do you think?

Throughout the year my style has naturally evolved, and I wanted to reflect this within my blog design. I had been thinking about a new blog style for a long time as I was always wanting to add and change things on my previous design. As a designer I’m never settled, I’m always evolving my style, tweaking and changing here and there, but I finally settled on the design you see today. It’s still green, of course (it’s my favourite colour!), and I’ve introduced the speech bubble as my new header. I decided that I wanted everything to be cleaner and not so fussy, to let the blog posts do the talking – I hope you like it.

You will also notice an exciting new button at the top… I now have a Folksy shop, where I’m selling my ‘ I Saw This & Thought’ photos. I’m slowly building up my products on here, so keep checking back for new photos to buy. If there’s an image I’ve taken over on my Instagram page that you’d like, and I haven’t put on Folksy, don’t worry, just get in touch and I can print this for you, it’s no trouble!

I finally have to say a big thank you to my other half for making it all work, without his invaluable input you would have got a static page with no whizzy button and links. But I’m learning and growing my blogging (or should that be web skills) so I can do these fancy tricks in the future!

Danni x

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