New York Series: Navy Restaurant

Posted On: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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I have something a little different for my New York Series now, I’ve got a wonderful New York restaurant to share with you, which I was firstly drawn to by their design, and then by their wonderful seafood and vegetable menu.

Navy restaurant is situated amongst tree lined streets in Soho and created by Matt Abramcyk, Akiva Elstein and Chef Camille Becerra, with a maritime World War Two interior.

As a graphic designer I was instantly taken by their wonderfully designed website, which is simple yet striking, with beautiful clean lines, getting across the styling of their restaurant instantly. The blue hues fused with striking whites and delicious food photography left me wanting more. This is their homepage…

Navy About

For the design alone this is one restaurant I would like to try when I next visit New York. I’m lured in by their style and the fact they seem to really care about what they are offering. Just take a look at the presentation of their main menu, delightfully handwritten, which again gets my design juices flowing.

Navy Homepage

If their website and menu hasn’t intrigued you enough, then head to their Instagram page where they post daily photos of their culinary creations and quirky restaurant details, all with the same wonderful, dark tones which match the aesthetics of the Navy.

Navy image montage

I’m sold.

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