New York Series – Navid Baraty, Photographer

Posted On: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Whilst researching for my New York series I came across a wonderful photographer on Behance, Navid Baraty. His work instantly caught my eye and I couldn’t wait to share his work with you.

Navid is a Brooklyn based photographer who gave up a job in engineering to pursue a career in a passion of his, photography. He is drawn to photography by its ability to stop time and reveal unexpected details that the eye may miss.

Whilst photographing for various publications and clients, Navid also likes to shoot what’s around him in his hometown of Brooklyn and Manhattan. The collection of photo’s that first drew me to Navid’s photography were his Intersection photos, they are truly stunning, and give you the best perspective and understanding of the height of New York’s famous skyscrapers. Here are some of his intersection photo’s and to view more visit



midtown 3


financial district

Amongst his intersection photography, Navid also captures New York in all her glory. From the instantly recognisable skyline to the everyday details that we take for granted, he captures them in such a way that we stop and really take in the story they have to tell.

NYC skyline

NYC buildingsbrooklyncentral park

Thank you to Navid for letting me use his work within my New York Series, it is great to share wonderful work like his.

More of Navid’s work can be found on his website He regularly posts new work to his Facebook, Twitter and Behance pages, that I highly recommend a visit to.

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