New York Series – Luc Jean-Baptise, NYC Instagrammer

Posted On: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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As part of my New York Series, I have another wonderful New York photographer I’d like to share with you. Luc Jean-Baptiste is a fellow Instagrammer who I’ve been following for a long time. His photo’s offer an urban feel of New York; he’s your man on the ground capturing everything this city has to offer. Looking through his photos you get a great sense of life here, from the people who call this city home, to the hustle and bustle of the noisy streets. This is New York at her truest form.

Luc’s passion for photography started when instagram was first created. “It’s such a quick way to display your photos and get an immediate response from people.” 

My favourite thing to photograph in NYC are the taxis, they are instantly recognisable as being from NYC”

If you have Instagram I would recommend following Luc, his photos can be found on his Instagram page and as well as his VSCO website.

NYC city 1

NYC watertowers

Flat Iron

NYC city 2

Brooklyn Bridge

Luc’s Instagram images captures the day to day life of New York and her habitants and of course, those wonderful, bright yellow taxis…



Insta 3

Insta 4

Thank you to Luc for letting me use his work within my New York Series, it is great to share wonderful work like his.

More of Luc’s work can be found on his website and he regularly posts new photos on his Instagram page

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