New York Series: Franck Bohbot

Posted On: Monday, September 15, 2014

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When I first saw Franck Bohbot’s photography I was blown away, yes it’s true. His photo’s are superbly detailed, drawing you into each image as though you are their with him when he’s capturing this New York Moment.

FB Montage 1

Franck Bohbot is a French photographer and visual artist, who is now based in Brooklyn NY.  He captures his images with long exposures and any available light, which give his images a beautiful raw tone, that reflects a true image of the place he’s photographing.

Amongst his New York Series, Franck travels the world, capturing images only we can imagine, focusing his interest in public spaces and urban landscapes.

FB Montage 2

To see more of Franck’s work visit and make sure you follow him on Instagram

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