On the Lookout for Candlesticks

Posted On: Monday, January 26, 2015


This weekend I’ve been on the lookout for some candlesticks to put on my fireplace, a desire that started around Christmas time, when putting up my garland and realised something was missing – candlesticks! It’s now my mission to find a beautiful set to adorn my living room, the only problem being is that I haven’t found the right pair yet, but I have found these candlesticks that could possibly be mine…

1. Copper and Black Candleholders from Miafleur  2. 3D Copper and Gold Star Candlesticks from Deservedly-So  3. Pure Brass Candleholders from Pure Brass 4. Glass Bird Candlestick from H&M  5. Flag Candleholder from Jonas Wagell  6. Bloomingville Gold Candlestick from FlittyBird  7. Ryssby Candlestick from Ikea  8. Metal Candlestick from H&M

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