Leeds Print Festival

Posted On: Monday, February 2, 2015

Over the past week Leeds has welcomed their annual Print Festival to the city, celebrating everything that’s great in both traditional and contemporary printmaking. The exhibition featured work from a group of talented printmakers, each with their own creative flair and style, and because I love print, I knew I had to visit…


The exhibition was small, but perfect, as it showed off the designers work to it’s fullness. The prints were a great mix of both colour and black and white, each with their own story to tell and theme to share.


Most of the designers featured in the exhibition were local, with the others coming from the South, and this filled me with pride to know that not only do we have some fantastic designers here in the North, but the art scene here is getting bigger and bigger, with no signs of stopping.


Throughout the exhibition you got a great sense of the dedication that these designers put into their work, and that print is most definitely not dead – it’s well and truly alive, which makes me very, very happy.

The designers featured in my photos are Nick Deakin, Kate Gibb, Hungry Sandwich Club, Sarah Harris, Melanie Wickham, Amy Rodchester

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