Having Trouble Blogging

Posted On: Monday, October 26, 2015

Trouble Blogging

This is the first time I’ve written such a personal post and I was in two minds whether to do it, but then I thought, why not. You see I’m having trouble blogging, I’ve got blogging block if that’s what you want to call it and it’s been with me for quite some time. It hasn’t helped that my mac broke and I’ve been trying to set up a new one with no Photoshop/InDesign or iPhoto. I’ve also been writing posts over the last few weeks that I’m not 100% happy with, which I know is the cardinal sin as a blogger and for which I can only apologise for. Enough of the excuses Danni!

So I decided to take last week off from blogging, I was going to London for a few days and instead of pre-planning posts I decide to have a clean break, get refreshed and then get back to blogging. But as I sit here ready to write my posts I am yet again, staring at a blank page with no inspiration and nothing to write about.

My blog has been in existence for two years, which in blogging terms is still relatively new. My blog has a steady stream of viewers, with numbers slowly increasing, but for me it’s not enough. What I hear you cry, are you mad woman?! Yes I’m mad. The thing is I put myself under a lot of pressure to create something good, to make each post better than the last and to not let you guys down and I think it’s finally caught up with me.

Blogging isn’t my full-time job, being a graphic designer is my day job (which I love) and blogging is my hobby, and a hobby that I’d absolutely love to turn into a full time job and I think this is what’s frustrating me the most. At the moment I don’t have a lot of time to devote solely to my blog, and it makes me sad that I can’t offer you guys the posts that I REALLY want to do. Like writing posts with more original content, attend events/launches to share with you, travel more  etc, etc! I think I’m concentrating on this too much and it’s having a negative effect – blogging block! I’ve attended a few blogging events and meet ups to try and figure this all out, to hear why other people blog and what they want to achieve with their blog. From this I’ve realised that they blog for them and they don’t put themselves under any pressure to blog all the time.

Ok, how to turn all this into a massive positive so I can get back on track and start to enjoy blogging again… Let’s go back to the basics and why I started to blog in the first place – to show you guys the quirkier things in life that you may not realise are there. For my love of interiors. For my daily photos. It’s ok if I want to post three times a week and it doesn’t matter if I miss a post one week. It’s ok if I’d like to make this a full-time thing, even if others don’t. It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok!

Danni x

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