For the Love of Stripes

Posted On: Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I’m a girl that loves stripes, black and white stripes in particular, I love them so much I’m even wearing my favourite stripy jumper whilst writing this post. I like to call it a healthy obsession and I’m here to share it proudly with you all! I can’t even remember where this stripy love began, I think it’s gradually grown over the years and now it’s here to stay. When I’m out shopping I’m always drawn to black and white striped products, whether it’s homeware, clothes or shoes and here’s a few I need to add to my collection…


1. 1959 Art Print from Francesca Iannaccone  2. Isola Strip Round Frame from Paperchase  3. Cotton Cushion Cover from H&M  4. Stripes Graffiti Spray Wallpaper from Paperboy Wallpaper  5. Watercolour Strip iPhone Case from Apple-cart  6. Black and White Stripes Stationery Card from Gathered Nest Designs

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