Folksy Finds: Making Me Smile

Posted On: Monday, February 23, 2015


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Folksy Finds post, so to cheer up a chilly Monday, I’ve dedicated this Folksy Finds to things that make me smile. All designed and hand crafted by our lovely British artists and designers over at Folksy.

1. Wild Thing Lino Print from Simon Smith  2. ‘Owl Protect You’ side plate from Jimboart  3. Moon Pillow from Noodle Doll Nelly  4. New Orleans Shoes Linocut from Woah There Pickle  5. Upcycled Bronze T-Rex Planter from DingaDing Terrariums  6. Apostrophe Cowboy Screenprint from Beyong Thrilled Screenprints  7. Hand Printed Firefly Notebook from Chipper Designs  8. T-Rex Dinosaur Tea Towel from Jurassic Panda

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