Colour Trend Picks for 2015

Posted On: Monday, September 22, 2014

I have an exciting colour post to share with you today – just a little something to brighten up your Monday!

Over the past year Pantone have been releasing their Fashion colour report/trends for 2015, with some mouthwatering colours on offer. With many colours to choose from I have picked out my three favourites to share with you; Strawberry Ice, Scuba Blue and Lucite Green. Now without realising I have already blogged about similar colours in the past; Mint & Blue Hues and Coral Crush but these are slightly different shade, and are well, just lovely.

I don’t usually post about fashion trends, but these colours will filter down into the interior and homeware market, so you can be the first to have these wonderful colours in your home.

Pink Montage

Strawberry Ice is a cool and refreshing colour that has a warmth to it. Pantone state that Strawberry Ice is a confection colour that emits a flattering and healthy glow.

Blue Montage

Scuba Blue is a beautiful and refreshing colour, that coveys a sense of freedom and playfulness. I think Pantone have got this hue of blue just right.

Green Montage

Lucite Green is a wonderful shade, with dark mint undertones that offer a warm sense and feel to it. Similar to Lucite Blue, it also has a cool and refreshing tone, giving it a playful edge.

More Pantone Fashion Colours can be found here

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