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Posted On: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

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So hopefully after reading my previous post about wrapping paper, you’re all ready to get those presents wrapped and put under the tree. All you need now are Christmas gift tags! Don’t worry, I’ve exclusively designed a range of printable tags ready for you – all you need to do is print them out and add them to your gifts.

There are four designs, one of which doesn’t have a background so you can print them onto any coloured paper/card you desire. Once printed and cut out, simply punch a hole in the top so you can thread your ribbon or twine through, and attach them to your presents.

For something a little different I’ve designed a diamond tag, in both traditional and non traditional colours, perfect for those friends who are not so festive! I like to cut these out leaving a white border around the design to give the design its full sparkle!

Tags Montage

For full instructions on how to download your favourite design, please click below.

Click to download your favourite design…

1: Brown Paper Christmas Tags

2: Christmas Tags (No background)

3: Chalkboard Christmas Tags

4: Diamond Christmas Tags

How To Download:

Click and open the link on your PC or tablet and save the image. Open the tag file you saved on your PC/tablet and print directly from the file. Alternatively open and place the file into a document and print from there.

Cut out, punch a hole in the top and thread with ribbon or twine onto your gifts.

Enjoy x






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