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Food Details by Beth Galton

Posted On: Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My obsession with food photography is growing by the week, I just can’t get enough of it! A photographer I love at the moment is Beth Galton, a New York based studio photographer who’s focuses on still life and food. I found Beth’s work by chance, it was her mesmerising Cut Food series that caught my attention to begin with and then I found her Landscapes project. The name intrigued me as it sat within her food photography series, but landscapes is outdoor scenery, right? So what has this got to do with food?

This is what… food landscapes that are intensely detailed and show our food close up, in a way we never take time to see. Beth Galton makes food beautiful.

Beth Galton

Beth Galton

Beth Galton

Beth Galton

Beth Galton

Beth Galton


Images courtesy of Beth Galton

Minimalistic Movie Posters

Posted On: Monday, June 8, 2015

Not many of you will know this about me, but I love movies and movie posters and it’s an aim of mine to design them. I especially like these minimalistic movie posters which are being created as an alternative to the shouty/loud posters we’re used to seeing. They all perfectly depict one famous icon/still from that movie and you instantly recognise the movie in question. Simple design. These are some of the poster that I’ve been collecting on Pinterest


A few more I couldn’t resist sharing…


Unfortunately I can’t accurately find the designers for these posters to credit them, but if you know who they are please let me know so I can credit them accordingly, thank you!

Folksy Finds: Summer Yellow

Posted On: Wednesday, June 3, 2015


June is now upon us and summer will soon be here (we’ll ignore the last few blustery, rainy days) and to celebrate this, I’ve picked my favourite summer yellow Folksy Finds all made by wonderfully talented British designers. Let’s hope this post brings the sun with it!

1. Ice Cream Pattern Postcard from Ella Osborne  2. Lemon and Pink Mini Journal from BOUND  3. Jack the Clown Pocket Mirror from Butterscotch & Beesting  4. Cheese and Biscuit Necklace from Hello Sunshine  5. Mischievous Magpie Gift Wrap from  Martha and Hepsie  6. Yellow Leather Sunglasses Case from Stabo  7. Tulips from Amsterdam Cushion from Huckleberry  8. Scandi Flowers Cushion from Bread and Jam

Singapore Architecture by Jia Huey

Posted On: Monday, June 1, 2015


Whilst checking my Instagram feed last week I came across the mesmerising iPhoneographer Jia Huey, from Singapore. His architectural shots, with beautiful lines and symmetry caught my instantly and I knew I wanted to see more. Jia captures Singapore in the most fascinating way, with glimpses of strong, bold architecture that draws you into each photo. Being a perfectionist and liking clean lines, these photos make me feel happy, and these are just some of my favourites.




More of Jia’s photos can be seen on his Instagram feed, through his Websta page here